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Tamás Gerencsér Pán

Graphic artist

Tel.: 99/ 331 903
Address: 9400 Sopron, Zsilip u. 13.

He started to learn drawing as a determining effect of a childhood experience. Concealing his year of birth, he managed to get to the Mártélyi art camp already during his high school years, where he later gets invited a several times, after his series were shown at an art exhibition in Hódmezôvásárhely. He experienced numerous duplicating techniques, from monotyping to linocut, and is a participant of the art camps in Mór and Szentendre. Continuing his schooling in Székesfehérvár and Budapest he gets to meet illustrious members of visual arts. At that time, he was engaged in serigraphy and developed a new technique. With this new method of his, he makes a new series of pictures, which get presented at his independent exhibition in Sopron, later in Budapest. Meanwhile, one of his slideshow performances composed of own shots gets invited to the Visual Workshop of the Eötvös Lóránt University, which he becomes a member of. After his marriage, he is moving back to his hometown Sopron, where he establishes an own graphic studio. From 1992 on, he is exclusively working as a graphic designer.

Tamás Gerencsér Pán is a member of the Hungarian Artists Association (MAOE), his works can also be found besides the Hungarian border, amongst others in Austria, Switzerland and the USA. In the last 15 years, he also took a hand in education; dozens of young talents could learn the craft under his hands. As a graphic designer, he stays away from any fine arts publicity, discountinues porous printing and photographs. Meanwhile, the resting of doing artworks is only pretended; after almost two decades of silence, he returns with a completely individual material, which has been produced secretly for a long time. This exhibition takes place in the Monastery of Sopronbánfalva, belonging to the Kogart Galery.

The artist produces pictures made out of natural substances, that he water paints and sometimes draws on. A part of the recycling –creations with multiple layers are inspired by poems, but also folklore children songs are the starting points of his noticeable sacral art. His familiarity with typography is regularly visible in his works, fractions of words and verses consisting of artistic letters become composition elements. Whereas his pictures are mostly non-figurative, they transport us to the past, and contain the ancient. The whole image emerges in a synthesis of organic and abstract directions.

Gallery of Tamás Gerencsér Pán