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Gábor Kovács-Gombos DLA



He was born in Győr in 1955. He lives both in Sopron and in Budapest.

He graduated from the Pécs Teacher Training College in 1978, and the Hungarian University of Industrial Arts in 2001. He wrote his Ph.D. thesis about sacred arts. He took his DLA degree at the Hungarian University of Arts in 2009. He is the member of the Hungarian Alliance of Artists and Industrial Artists, the Hungarian Artists’ National Association and the Verband Ungarndeutscher Autoren und Künstler (Hungarian Alliance of German Writers and Artists).

In 1994 he took courses in post-graduate studies at the Szent Gellért College of Theology in Budapest. As an artist he is concerning himself about an up-to-date, sacred painting. His exhibitions are often connected to public talks, lectures, publications and programs for the radio and TV.

Since 1980 he has exposed his paintings at the Győr-Sopron County Kisalföld Exhibitions in Győr, the North-Transdanubian Exhibition in Szombathely, the Transdanubian Exhibitions in Kaposvár, shows for Young Artists in Budapest and the shows of Sopron Pictured Guild in Sopron and Vienna. So far he has taken part in 177 group exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. He frequently has exhibitions organized by the Hungarian Alliance of Artists and Industrial Artists and on the Day of Hungarian Painting (last time at the Hungarian National Gallery in October 2012). He also had shows at the KOGART Salon two times. Since 2001 he has been a regular participant of the Scheffer Gallery in Budapest. Since 2005 he has helped his wife’s, Scheffer Lívia’s, gallery work.

The most important ones out of his 33 independent exhibitions:

  • Festőterem, Sopron (together with Gergátz Berta, 1983)
  • Young Artists’ Studio, GAMF Gallery, Kecskemét (1985)
  • Pannónia Gallery, Sopron (1985)
  • Rátkai Klub, Budapest (2000)
  • Pannonhalma Archabbey – „Light-threshold” (2000)
  • Tér Gallery, Budapest (2001)
  • Park Hotel Flamenco, Budapest (2001) (organized by Scheffer Lívia, 2001)
  • Vízivárosi Gallery, Budapest – „The Light of the Interval” (2002)
  • Grand Hotel Hungária Gallery, Budapest (Organized by the Scheffer Gallery, 2003)
  • Presbyterian Church, Star-hall, Kőszeg (2004)
  • Galerie Hofkabinett – „Hungarian Cultural Days”, Linz, Austria (organized by the Scheffer Gallery, 2005)
  • Scheffer Gallery, Budapest – „A Colour-sketch of a Love” (2006)
  • Festőterem, Sopron – „Light-threshold” (2009)
  • Leitner + Leitner Gallery, Budapest – „Advent” (together with Kovács-Gombos Dávid, organized by the Scheffer Gallery, 2009)
  • Scheffer Galéria, Budapest– „DLA” (Szegedi Csabával) (2010)
  • Újbuda Galéria, Budapest (2010-2011)
  • Cziráki Lajos space for exhibitions, Győr (the Apáczai Faculty of the University of West-Hungary) – „The Time of Expectation” (2012)
  • The Pauline-Carmelite Monastery of Sopronbánfalva, Sopron – „Clausura” (2012—2013)
  • His works in public collections:

  • Xantus János Museum, Győr
  • Sopron Museum, Sopron;
  • Somogy County Museum, Kaposvár;
  • The City and County of Sopron – Local Government, Sopron
  • IFUA Horváth & Partners, Budapest
  • Leitner+Leitner, Budapest-Linz
  • Hanság Museum, Mosonmagyaróvár
  • He received an artistic prize ten times (six years continuously), an artistic grant, and a university reward.

    He is the Associate Professor of the Benedek Pedagogy Faculty of the University of West-Hungary.

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