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Tamás Soltra E.


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Symbols and meanings Medals by Tamás E. Soltra

„Internationally reputed sculptor and medal artist Tamás E. Soltra, since 1994 lecturer art the University of West Hungary, winner of numerous foreign awards and of the prestigious Béni Ferenczy Prize, the award of the Hungarian National Biennial of Medal Art, Sopron in 1995 and 2005, successfully amalgamates classic traditions of the genre with modern spirituality. His lyric medal series conveying dramatic social and cultural messages usually expose significant episodes from lives of great personalities or of important historical events. Soltra's works are kept in prestigious public collections in Hungary and abroad, from the Hungarian National Gallery or the Medal Museum of the Hungarian National Bank to the Medal Collection of the British Museum in London."

Medal rarities An exhibition of sculptor E. Tamás Soltra at Lábasház Gallery in Sopron

Between 6 and 23 September 2012, more than 300 medals by the prominent sculptor and medal artist E. Tamás Soltra, assistant professor at the Institute off Applied Arts of the Faculty of Wood Sciences of the University of West Hungary, Sopron, were showcased, within the jubilee program series on the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Faculty, at the legendary Lábasház exhibition hall of the Sopron Museum, the traditional venue of the National Biennials of Medal Art. Soltra, since 1998 a regular participant, and winner of several prestigious awards of the Biennials himself, mingles his utmost respect for the classic traditions of the genre with a profoundly lyric approach to his subject. His exceptional sensibility and professional brillance enables him to convey monumental ideas by small disks, as also revealed by his medals on Pope John Paul II, truly representing the spiritual greatness of the charismatic pontiff.


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